SEP 19

Why use a mortgage broker?

Are you talking to the right mortgage broker?
Gone are the days when you could walk into your local bank, ask for money to buy a property and walk out happy, with the approval letter in your hand, safe in the knowledge that your mortgage was sorted for the next 25 years. Unfortunately, the housing market and borrowing is now a complex animal, with regulations and restrictions around levels of deposit, debt servicing, credit history and what you can (and can’t) buy. It’s a complicated business, and it helps if you can find the right person to help you navigate the mortgage minefield.

The benefits of a good mortgage broker

A good mortgage broker will take care of everything for you, starting with an initial no obligation discussion around your needs, wants and the process. They will help you collate all the paperwork required for the application and present the loan in the best possible light to the lender. They can also introduce you to others offering professional services that you may need, like a solicitor, accountant, insurance broker or property valuer. A great mortgage broker will negotiate on your behalf with the lender to achieve the best interest rates, cash contribution to assist with your costs, and structure the new loan to work in your favour – rather than the banks. An exceptional mortgage broker offers flexibility with meeting times to suit you, they are available after hours and on weekends (even for the most basic questions). They will be there for the long haul of your borrowing relationship and regularly review your loan so that it continues to provide you with the best outcome.

A respected mortgage broker will save you time by providing access to a range of lenders with just one application. With no need for you to visit a number of different banks to have the same discussion with branch staff and complete the same forms over and over. The right mortgage broker works for you, offering impartial advice at no cost. If on occasion fees apply, this will always be discussed prior to proceeding with any paperwork.

Let me help

I’m David Lloyd, an experienced, respected and exceptional mortgage broker. I can help you by providing:

  • Flexibility – I can come to you at a time that suits.
  • Time savings – I work with a small but selective group of mortgage lenders who will process your application quickly.
  • Costs savings – my aim is to get you the best deal possible to ensure you save money.
  • Experience – I have worked in the industry for over 20 years for banks and lending organisations, as well as now being a mortgage broker.
  • What’s best for you – I am impartial and fair and not tied to any one lending institution.
  • Peace of mind – buying a property is probably the biggest single purchase you will ever make, you can rest assured that I’ve got your back.

If you want to have an informal chat with the best mortgage broker in Auckland, then give me a call on 027 411 9255 or email