Home Buyers

Are you a first
time buyer?

Buying your first home is exciting, it usually signifies the beginning of a new chapter in your life. Borrowing such a huge amount of money can be a daunting prospect, but before you start worrying about responsibility and commitment, David can allay your fears with sensible, pragmatic and down-to-earth financial advice.

Why use a
mortgage broker?

Whilst you’ll find that all of the major banks are keen to talk to first time buyers, not all offer the breadth of experience and number of financial options that an independent mortgage broker can provide. David offers impartial advice based on getting the right home loan for you and your circumstances. This is done by working closely with you to establish your incomings and outgoings.

In David's experience no two mortgages are the same, he says, "Many factors influence the type of home loan you need, for instance, are you in full-time employment? Are you self-employed or a contractor? Will you be buying the house on your own or with family, friends or a significant other?"


David’s role is to let you know what your options are when it comes to borrowing money. This includes researching how much you can borrow, whether you’re looking at buying a standard residential property, an apartment, vacant land or a house and land build package.

If numbers and finance are not your strong point, David can talk you through the details, outlining the benefits of each lender and their lending options. He’s also on-hand to provide guidance on best rates, bank incentives and loan structures, either fixed, floating or in some instances, a bit of both.

Experience counts in the
home loan sector

As an experienced mortgage broker, David knows the best available rates in the market which saves you time ‘shopping around.’ With no affinities to any banks, David will get you the best deal, and with few exceptions will provide his services free of charge.*

If you are looking for your dream home, David can obtain a no obligation pre-approval offer from the bank. This allows you to focus on your search, knowing the finances are set up and ready to go.